Thursday, June 5, 2008

never take your eyes off little people called "toddlers"

i forgot about this!
we are at barnes & nobles bout a month ago and i take kaleb over to the kid section.
he loves that train table they have set up (who doesn't am i right?)
i am just flipping through a book waiting for steve and i look up and kaleb is standing in the middle of the tiny train town!!
im like whisper yelling, "kaleb, kaleb!"
he completely ignores me and starts stomping around like freaking kong!
of course i had to take a picture before i disciplined him.
how do you discipline something so funny!?
kaleb did not get his websters 3rd edition dictionary that he really wanted that nite.
naughty boys don't get presents.

crazy talk

i was driving to steve's work the other day and a coyote walked infront of me on the pass, and then while in town i saw a homeless man doing push- ups in the park.

when we lived here last time we were driving in town at like 11 pm and all of the sudden this huge animal runs out infront of us...... we're like, holy crap look at that horse in the road!!
no, no, it was totally a moose trotting through town.
so, we chased it in the jeep through an alley into an apartment complex,
so crazy!
but for real this moose looked like it was on its last leg.
it was all skinny and pale.
his jacket was all torn and shedding, he was missing an antler.
he had on a knee brace and an eye patch.
seriously, all the wildlife we have seen here has been the like, reject, falling apart animals whose herds can't or won't support them anymore.
i am hoping for an amazing wild beast to jump on my car or carry kaleb away and raise him as a wild fox.
and then he can come back when he is a teenager and teach me to hunt and pounce.
and i can teach him to read and become a gentleman.
wtf am i talking about.

Monday, June 2, 2008

when steve and i were dating i used to visit him like every week while he was working in jackson. this is the "uniform" for the girls, they always tried to get me to wear cowboy boots and hats and all the western wear, so i compromised and said i'd put on the ol' prostitute wear.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

so this is whats new...

we live in jackson wy again.
steve is kid shiline in "cat balleou".
kaleb just had a mad ear infection and has these really crazy welt dry spots on his back.
kat is bored as hell right now until it stops raining and can start trying to run again.
kaleb loves steves work at the play house, he claps and thrusts his hips and shakes his little baby ass to ALL music good or bad.
but now that we have watched so many rehearsals kaleb claps at the end of songs in the car and in church today he started clapping at the end of some ladies testimony.
steve and i were dyiny laughing.
soooooo thats it for now.