Wednesday, February 27, 2008

sorry about the faceless blog

so kate and i started to set this up last saturday.
its now wednesday.
kate's computer isn't so much broken as i believe it is .....well, lazy.
turning off in the middle of projects, calling in sick, coming in late, i've smelled alcohol on it's breathe on more then one occasion.
sleeping in meetings, and it always seems to be pmsing.
so kate's computer better pull it's act together so that all may enjoy our new blogspot.
also i am typing this with one hand because i have a little boy sitting on my lap.
it's taken way longer to write then you think.


Friday, February 22, 2008

Creating a blog cuz "everybodies doing it."

i dont know what exactly to "blog" about but i have set one up.
usually i blog about britney spears or fat kids, sometimes black people w english accents, so this might be hard "blogging" about my family.
we are definately not as dramatic OR mentally ill as some people.
ill try to make it spicy for those who want to know about us.
oh and i never use capital letters.
we're all equal here.