Friday, April 25, 2008

kaleb next to possibly the smallest stream on the planet.

this is so sweet!

hiking w dad

hiking this sunday

i wasn't lying

remember my blog about my 5k and how i will always wear the free t-shirt???
well in all these next pictures that were taken on different days in the last like 4 to 5 weeks, i am wearing that t-shirt in all of them.
i just noticed that, i really do always wear it.

giraffes are pretty much the craziest looking animal......except those monkeys who can't find underpants to cover their raw asses.

stephan and kaleb infront of the bears.

the cousins just adored kaleb and he coudn't get enough of them either. we love them bubbies.

this is kaleb's first plane ride to utah, he kept STARING at the girl in back of him. she was asleep w headphones on.

kaleb and i are thinking of trying out for america's next top model next season.

kaleb has the most AMAZING smile and cheeks.


ok i have watched this giant douche bag on tons of talks shows and i can remain silent no longer.
first of all "he" isn't even a MAN!!!
"he" was born a woman, and "he" still has all his lady business AND an additional man part.
what the hell is the phenomonon exactly?
a gender confused WOMAN who can't decide if life is more worth living as a man or as womAn is pregnant.
why is anyone giving this chic the time of day?
dude, when my husband (or brooke shields) gets pregnant THEN i will be impressed.
until then, all women pretending to be male who are pregnant, should stay off oprah and access hollywood because your just ruining tv land for a stay at home mom.
AND i don't even watch oprah!
i feel so sorry for that poor baby, what if the baby comes out with melons and banana?
and who wants to tell people that there "bom" (boy mom) gave birth to them???
it never ceases to amaze me how selfish people truly are.
these days the crazier you are the more normal it is.
so stay at home in your dark musty room and be crazy by yourself cuz we have all the crazy we need out here.
oh and "man" who is pregnant..... YOUR A CHIC, DEAL WITH THE FACT THAT YOU HAVE BOOBS!
cuz boobs are pretty much awesome.


Friday, April 11, 2008

about kat

10 YEARS AGO ....

i was 16 and probably hating everything about life.
yea i can admit that.
i started beauty school and was in highschool at the same time.
education... heh weird.

5 THINGS ON MY " TO-DO" list....

-lose 20 lbs
-pack for utah
-go running today
-clean up kalebs mess in pretty much every room
-wash my car, its fithy, i cannot stand dirty cars.


-jackson hole wyoming, i miss it so much. i wish i wasn't so pregnant and miserable and post partum depressed and a newly wed struggling to make a life w a new husband when i lived there.
-arizona, it's pretty much beautiful rite now. buuuuuuuut i have a feeling im going to get the "honerys" very soon. that means the "hot ornerys".
- and maybe jackson hole again, or laguna hills california so steve can start grad school.

5 JOBS I HAD.......

-tgifridays- i hated it. all the waiters and watresses were so trashy and slutty.
-banister shoes-loved that job for awhile.
-regis salons- hated working for them.
-tj maxx- i worked there literally for like 4 weeks. i had to put the tags on the hangers and i am totally allergic to metal and my hands always broke out in hives. plus i didn't make a dime, i unloaded the trucks and set everything i wanted aside in a pile of my own.
-shear dimensions- best salon job i ever had. i made bank at that place til i gots pregnant w kaleb and quit.


-i HATE getting my haircut. i am terrified to get it cut.
-i LOVE water. all sorts of water, lakes, streams, pools, rivers, canals, etc.
-i LOVE to decorate. i redecorate every couple of mths. i have so much stuff i just rotate it.
-i LOVE disco and tu pac. i have since i was a teenager. i haven't listened to tu pac since i have had baby. i don't really think i want a gang banging thug influencing my sons young sponge- like mind.
-i HATE waking up in the morning. 10 am is early to me. and kaleb could totally sleep til then if i let him. but i have to get my a#* out of bed.