Tuesday, July 22, 2008

now blogging about dog owners

let me first start out by saying many of my friends have dogs now.
many of my friends growing up had dogs.
no one in my family owns a dog or ever has.
i HATE dogs.
thats right i hate dogs.
well, maybe it's more dog owners, since dogs are merely stupid animals that don't really know what they are doing.
why do dog owners think they are better then any rules set at the park or city laws?
that the "your dog must be on a leash" signs just never apply to them.
well guess what a- holes, it doesn't apply to us none dog owners!
yea, that sign is for YOU!
it's pure selfishness to think that you can take your dog to a "CHILDRENS PARK" and let your dog roam aimlessly.
i don't take my child to a "dog park" to play!
and yea you guys have your own parks for your yappy mutts!
first of all you don't know what kids are terrified of dogs, who has had a bad run in w a dog, who is allergic to dogs, who just doesn't want there "bathing suit area" sniffed by your dog.
dogs are ANIMALS people.
do you know what else is a k9?
yea dogs and wolves are related, im sure everyone knows that.( and if you don't, im sorry the school systems have failed you so miserably)
and guess what, i dont give a sewer rats ass if your dog will "just lick me to death, he is sooooo sweet." MAYBE I DONT WANT TO BE LICKED TO DEATH BY WOLFIES COUSIN.
you have no idea what your dog is thinking, cuz guess what, he isn't.
he will attack when and if he wants.
and if your dumb enough to bring your 4 legged, sharp fanged, buckets drooling beast to a park where children play, then i hope you fully understand my "dog like instinct" to kick your dog square in the CHEST when he nips at my toddler.
trust me i have done it.
its crazy to watch the news and see the "family dog" attacked the baby or the toddler and everyone is SHOCKED, cuz "snowflake" was so nice to everyone, he "just loved to play".
yea, and while he was busy "playing" he was eye balling the smallest of your children making sure he could get a clean take down to prove he is still the "alpha dog".
not really suprising at all actually, cuz your dog IS A WILD ANIMAL.
oh yea, AND, you know why dog food is made w rabbit, and other MEAT, cuz your dog is a carnivore!
so please, dont bring your dog to the park, no one LOVES your dog but you.

twilight series. g-a-y.

so i bought and read the first 3 books of this series, last summer.
and let me tell you, NOT IMPRESSED.
i read all of them within like a month.
im so sorry but stephanie myers is not a great writer.
she is very repeditive, a lil bit predictable, and sooooooo tedious.
like i always got to the point where i wanted to skip like 3 chapters cuz it was going soooooooooooooooooooo sloooooooooooooooooow.
and yea we know, we know, bella is a clutz blah blah blah.
edward has icy skin blah blah blah,
jacob has a ridiculously high body temperapture blah blah blah,
she gets sick when she rides on his back,we KNOW, WE KNOW!
edward and bella have a horribly unhealthy relationship.
you cannot give everything you are,everything you love, up for a "guy".(read "guy" w total disgust)
the only thing they have is love, that is it. (and maybe an animal like attraction, that's hot but that they CAN'T EVEN ACT ON!)
if the theory that edward will turn human is correct, well holy crap what a disapointment. (that's where the stephanie myers is too predictable comes in)
she needs to be w jacob and make fat lil werewolve cub babies.
oh, and the whole "imprinting" thing, seriously how freaking lame.
like, maybe the girls they are supposed to be w should be born w like a small "paw" shaped birthmark on there left shoulder blade or something.
really, imprinting? come on.
just the word is "suggestive" wink, wink.
and why do people FREAK out when you say that the books aren't that amazing, or that edward and bella are an unhealthy couple.
aren't most highschool relationships that way?
i guess when you have your trashy mom too base relationships on thats the way it goes.
edward, is like the dysfunctional drug addict boyfriend, who is "really trying" to clean his life up for his girl, but things just keep happening.
the drama will NEVER go away bella, NEVER!
becoming a vampire won't solve all her relationship problems, neither will/does getting married.
anyways, i guess what im really upset about is that now that i have bought and read the first 3, i have to buy and read the new one.
freaking crap.
and no, i will not be waiting in line at midnight dressed as a vampire, waiting for the new book.

and YES i will see the freaking movie!! (hopefully the screenwrite is better then the book.)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

dieting, you BITCH!

kaleb is now 22 mths old.
i have lost 60 lbs since i have had him.
i thought i was working hard at this weight thing, cuz you know i have worked at it my whole freaking life.
well, i sweat my a- off, i've cried during workouts because of course im always stuck running next to the skinniest girl, who is barely strolling on her treadmill, i have sworn at the top of my lungs, called myself names to motivate...... myself,i went on an all canned tuna and chicken diet ( i shed like 15 lbs on that, i can barely look at canned anything anymore though) and finally bought a scale.
ahhhhh yes the scale, i pretty much weigh myself 5 times a day, and have to weigh a certain number when i wake up in the morning, ( yes i know thats a problem, i know i know.) and i just cant seem to drop another 20 lbs. thats all i want is another 20 lbs. i want to be pre- baby weight or within 6 lbs of it.
im not a yo-yo dieter i am pretty damn consistent w my daily intake.
i dont eat candy, any type of junkfood really, chips, soda, fast food, i've quite pizza recently, i never eat dessert, the list of crap that i don't eat goes on and on.
needless to say i struggle and i watch what i eat and i work out 6 days a week sometimes twice a day and blah blah blah.
STEVE comes home the other nite, steps on the scale, or the " self esteem maker", turns to me and says, " wow, i've lost 20 lbs since i've been in jackson".
let me just break down for you a list of things that he eats on a regular if not daily effing basis.

-at least 3 cokes a day, and not american coke its that coke from mexico w pure sugar cane in it.
-at least 4 pb&j sandwiches a NITE. 4!!!!!! i eat 1 maybe every 6 mths cuz peanut butter comes straight from satans teet! i never eat peanut butter!
-holy cow he LOVES cheetos, and not the baked or the natural ones, im talking cheeto cheetos, heartattack inducing cheetos.
-the other nite i made fish sticks and these organic potato wedges. steve ate probably 16 fish sticks some wedges, macaroni salad, CHEETOS, a piece of cheesecake, and 3 sodas, and 3 hours later he had a freakin t bone steak!! i had a pickle 3 hours later cuz i was still full!
-actually im going to call him rite now and see what he ate as of today........................................................a turkey sandwich, water, 1 soda, chips, king size kittkat, and he says thats all, but i bet he is forgetting like a sloppy joe w extra slop and fries, with a side of a whole honey baked ham.
this is NOT an exageration.

i don't understand. now that im pregnant im even more discouraged and depressed about his 20 lbs weightloss (in less than 2 mths.) i actually cried myself hysterically asleep that nite. he just stared and kept saying "your beautiful whats wrong your so pretty and perfect". no steve "perfect" would be me as a size 8. just an 8 im not shooting for the moon here just the stars. he has never even seen me at my thinnest! how horrible is that? i hate being a chic sometimes. my ass is spreading just sitting here writing this. i hate boys.

hiking w dad

at miller park

this is kalebs favorite toy at the park. he seriously spends hours getting on and off it. sometimes he will walk away for a minute to stretch his cramped legs ( i hear hours on a chopper can do that to you) only to come back and someone els has jumped on. we have no idea who this little girl is but she was on the motorcycle after he took a brief lap. he did NOT like sitting on it w another person, and also did not like that the other person was "driving". do not let that smile fool you he was pretty ticked that i made him sit w her.

this lil mishap occured 2 days before we were moving out of our az apt. kaleb was quite for a long time, i turned the corner to find this masterpiece.