Friday, March 28, 2008

why are these women famous actresses?

ok so renee zellwagger is so weird looking.
she is the most painful looking chic!!!
i was watching her on ACCESS tonite and i couldn't believe how "interesting" looking she is.
and the longer i watched the angrier i got.
seriously she is all puckered up, squinty and WHITE!!
holy cow she is so freaking pasty!
more like pastRY.
she should wear sunglasses at all times.
i wonder if people are always her, "renee are you ok? are you in pain?"
she always looks like she just slammed her toe into a coffee table, or like she just licked the bottom of a 9 volt battery.
seriously, i don't get it, she is not a pleasant person to watch on screen.
simply weird thats all i can say.
oh yea, AND, does brooke shields look like a transvestite to anyone else but me ??
she really does have this dude quality about her.
square jaw, square shoulders, una-brow just itching to break free.
ok im not perfect, i have love handles.
sometimes i paint.
it takes me sooooo looooong to finish the simplest painting.
i start w out ANY idea of what i want to do.
i paint the canvas one color & then i give up for like 2 mths. & then all of a sudden it comes to me and i pull it out and finish it. this is my tree. steve wants it in his office.
i think this is possibly my favorite painting.
i actually have no idea what i am doing, i just do it cuz its purdy. i started this way before my blogspot but now i realize it totally matches.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

steve's passion, such a sexy dude. AWESOME picture by kate lines.
i love this pic!!
kate did a most stellar job at taking pics of two distracted boys all afternoon.
kaleb and steve and my knee.

not so good at the blogging scene.

honestly i guess my little heart just isn't into blogging.
i cant even figure out how to put new pics up.
or music.
and thats probably a good thing, because if i did, i would probably be on the internet for hours while kaleb ran around in a soiled diaper w an empty ethiopian belly.
yea pretty much this blogspot is l-a-m-e.
im totally aware.
and half the time my stolen internet from an unknown neighbor doesn't work, so when i do have something to write about, i can't.
and everyone knows there is NOTHING more hair pulling fist in the mouth frustrating then an interweb that doesn't work.
daily i want to throw this lap top thru a wall, window, into a bathtub full of water.
u suck broken interweb

Sunday, March 2, 2008

5k day, yea it was a success.

my goal to run 3.2 miles was 1 hr.
yea i know people can do 3 miles in like 10 minutes.
but i can't.
i SPANKED my 1 hr goal by 20 minutes.
it felt amazing.
and even though i think i passed 2 people and was passed by like 68 people, it felt sweet to start and finish and blow my goal out of the water.
kate was excited about the people handing out the water cups as you ran by..... and let me tell you it IS exciting to run by and grab a cup and toss it aside.
that just may be the best part.
i wanted to throw it over my whole head but i had headphones on.
i support 5k's.
and i will wear this free t shirt everyday of my life.
well, to the gym and when i run, and the next 5k we do.
and maybe to bed.