Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"natural" birth.

im always curious at peoples "idea" of natural birth.
what does that exactly mean?
do girls REALLY think that they have had a "natural" birth and the rest of us are having pretend or unnatural ones??
to you girls i say "OH BU-ROTHER"
in my professional having 3 children opinion, ALL birth is natural.
it is the common nut bag theory that no meds, no epidural, and a vaginal birth IS the "natural birth".
well i completely disagree.
anyone who tells me that their deliveries are done "natural" is horribly inconsiderate.
i happen to have a friend who absolutely cannot deliver vaginally and has had 3 c- sections.
is that unnatural?
not for her, for her its the most natural thing in the world.
i have a sister who cannot go into labor by herself and has to be induced every time.
soooooo unnatural right?
i chose to be induced 3 weeks early w kaleb AND i am planning the same for this pregnancy.
i hate being pregnant and uncomfortable and would like to get back to being "me" as soon as possible, so long as me and the baby are ok.
also, i get all the meds i can, because let me tell you i DON'T LIKE BEING MISERABLE FOR ANY AMOUNT OF TIME, especially when you don't know how long a delivery may take.
kuddos for you girls who want to "tough it out" and 20 hrs of labor later you are still heaving and hoeing and are kind wishing you just had maybe some ib -profuen.
and no it has never sped up my babies heart rate, or affected them and made them "groggy".
they are newborn babies!!! not like they are supposed to come out tap dancing!!
and no i do NOT feel like it is amazing to feel every part of the delivery, um because i have been in agony for 9 mths. and i have no desire to continue that for any amount of time if the option of relief is given.
i can't imagine giving birth at home in my bed, where i "do it" w my husband, or in my family room where i invite friends, or even in the bathtub my kids bathe in..... um i really can't think of anything more UNNATURAL.
with billions of women in this world today and even more before us, who can really say whats unnatural?
if you sneezed a baby out your nose, that shouldn't be considered unnatural.
so pro "natural birth " girls need to realize that it is ALL natural, and have no right to try and make me feel weaker or inferior cuz i prefer to be doped up and HAPPY during my deliveries.
oh yea, and i DON'T breast feed!
nope, tried it hated it, pumped for like a week hated it, and my kids are smart as buttons and healthy as..........lions? elephants?
everyone has THEIR idea of a "natural" birth.
mine is perfect for me.
and my mom had 5 babies no epidural.....because they didn't have them back then.
i bet my mom would have taken that relief and probably most of your moms would have.
anyway you look at it delivering is AGONY.
just because you can't feel pain does not make pushing any easier, or make it any less scary.
delivering is terrifying, until you do it you will NEVER know or understand.
no matter what anyone tells you.


Julie said...

Welcome back to the blogging world. I have to agree with your post, I did it with the meds and that was pretty damn natural:) I still have the the marks to prove it!
When is your due date exactly?

The Briggs said...

And this is why I love you!

katelines photography. said...

oh my mom would shed a tear if she read this. she's had seven babies "natural" and is proud of it. (i just think its something most women can't do)

CD? of your wedding? i remember having it (why, again?) but i looked through my CDs and nothing... hope you find it.

Kat and Steve said...

ALL BIRTH AND DELIVERY IS NATURAL. thats the point. everyone should be proud of delivering. my mom had 5 babies "natural" they didn't have epidurals back then.

The Sartori's said...

Amen. epidurals both times, induced once. Would I do anything different? Yeah, get induced sooner.

I also hate being pregnant. I think women that say they love every minute of it are liars.

katelines photography. said...

i must have given them back to you... good luck finding them!

(i never throw CD's away, i learned my lesson when my computer crashed!)

Melanie said...

Kat...I love you! No one can call it like you do. I am in total agreement and now we are even 3 and 3, mine are just a bit older. Love you!

JerBritMaxEssa said...

Bitter much? Women say the word natural because that was the way it has been done for so long. It makes a woman feel more connected to the amazing women before them who have birth the same way. I just think that women who chose to have medication sometimes feel like failures but not because someone made them feel that way it is a choice to feel like that. No one can make you feel anything you choose to feel like that. Medicated or not who cares, just own what you choose and don't try and put down those who choose something different than you. I have done both ways and feel completely different than you it doesn't make me right and you wrong.

Kat and Steve said...

uhhhhh yea brit that was the whole point of the blog..... everyone has a that works for them and everyone should respect it and not make you feel less for something you chose to do. but you have not lived in the states i do where women literally tell you that you don't feel the "spirit" if you give birth in a hospital. i have lived in very hippie mormon extreme states. i don't care how anyone delivers a baby, it's gotta come out. and you take me to seriously, seriously.