Monday, December 15, 2008

"have you picked out any names for the baby?"

why do people want to know this?
every time i tell someone the names we have picked,
some total a- hole has to say something negative about at least one of the names.
for future reference don't EVER let someone know that the names they are thinking of remind you of the following.....
-a total slut from highschool that you used to know.
- a total slut from college you used to know.
- a total slut that you know.
-a girl you hated and teased you had that name.
- you never liked that name.
- an ex girlfriend of your boyfriend/husband.

DON'T let them know what rhymes w that name, or how alec could be turned into "ass lick" when they are older.
or how rufus could maybe be turned into "lupus".
please don't tell me how "trendy" or "popular" the name is and that EVERBODY has that name.
because out of billions of people on this planet they are not all named greta.
the truth is if you don't like the names in the running, it really doesn't matter cuz IT'S NOT YOUR CHILD TO NAME.
and do you have any idea how hard it is to name a human being???
especially more then one?
it's very difficult to think of names that don't remind you of other people, that don't rhyme with "snot" or "fart" or can be misconstrued as something offensive.
even when you think that you have picked a great name that has a ring to it and that this maybe THE name, some insensitive d-bag will have something negative to say about it,
and make you feel like the name is filthy and demeaning and you should head back to the drawing board.
i don't get why people can't respect such personal and hard decisions.
and not only that it's not like your going to hate my child because of his/her name?!
and i am not changing my name choices because someone doesn't like it.
giving negative criticisms on name choices, when not asked for feedback, can only do harm, it will NOT help.
it's frustrating at an already frustrating hormonal time, and only makes a pregnant mommy feel even more incompetent that not only can she not clean her house and carry and play with her 2 yr old in the snow, or work, NOW she can't even name a baby.

i think mallory or daphne are great names for a beautiful baby, toddler, teen, young adult, women, or a grandma someday.
and crap if she absolutely hates her name then she can change it.
nothing is set in stone, right?

man i hate being pregnant. but i do get some great blogging ideas.


Beth said...

Hey whats up girl? Don't know if you remember me or not, we went to hair school together. I don't remember if we liked each other or not though. Ha Ha. Kidding, you were actually the one who cut my hair SUPER short for the first time ever. I think it was know as the Kat haircut, because you rocked it first.

Just thought I would leave you a comment and let you know I stopped by.

First, you look sooo good!! You are one hot mama! Even pregnant you look awesome. Your little family is so adorable and congrats on soon to be baby no. 2.

And I agree on the name thing. I dont have any kids, but when I do, I will not tell a soul the names I am thinking for the same reasons. Also my brother has had names "stolen" from him by family members and friends. We now have two Dylans in our family because of it.

Anyway, you look fabulous and look like you are doing great.

The Sartori's said...

I like Greta. Nobody likes the names I picked either and they all told me so. Boston Striker is awesome if you ask me. One co-worker told me it sounded like the Boston Stangler. Sorry, that was before my time and I had never heard of it. She would bring it up to all her clients. See that girl over there that is pregnant? She is going to name her baby Boston STriker. Can you believe that? Don't you think it sounds like the Boston STrangler? I told her over and over it is not your baby and you never have to see him or call him anything. Everyday when I walked in, you still gonna name that baby Boston STriker? Finally one day I told her no, you've said Boston STrangler so many times we really like the ring of it and we are just gonna go with that. She finally left me alone. Scarlett Elsie doesn't get quite as much trouble. But nobody likes Elsie. To bad that's what we call her. Can't wait to hear what people say about our future babies. Names we have picked are Raider Grayson and Catcher Rushton. Boy names are so much easier than girl names.

Kat and Steve said...

i am actually NOT even considering greta. just mallory and daphne.