Tuesday, September 16, 2008


as i start my "bonding w the new baby" shopping, i have come to realize some things....
I do not wear pink.
and EVERYTHING out there for baby girls is smothered in it.
im ok w like pink "in" the outfit, but why does there have to be so much freakin pink!
and not only that.... who on earth lets there child wear things w bunnies on it?
or kittens?
or ballerina's?
am i just ridiculously pickie?
i just want some normal clothes w some nice lines and patterns and some texture w out my children looking like total "jects".
i have done pretty dang well w kalebs wardrobe.
he does not own ANY item of clothing w cartoons or characatures on them.
it is a feat that i have mastered, but only by being very selective.
i dont have t shirts w winnie the pooh, or Cars, shrek, diego, or spiderman on them.
my children will not be disney, marvel or WB promoters w out recieving paychecks.
they should serioulsy pay kids to wear their clothes and advertise for them.
so far i've done awesome w kalebs shoes too.
i don't know how long i will be able to stay away from shoes that blink and lite up.


Brittney Andy Boston and Scarlett said...

amen, I received many outfits for Boston that had characters on them. I returned them all. He has not and will not advertise for anything. And most of the stuff I have bought for Elsie is blue or yellow or orange. I do however, want this oh so cute brown with pink polka dot outfit for her.

Cindi said...

I don't like kids' clothes (or underpants--plain whities, thank you) with characters on them either. That's why my boys wear so many "stripey" shirts.

Good luck finding baby girl clothes without pink--Lucy wears a lot of lavendar but I did find some orange and blue that were cute and not cheesy.

Kiki's Musings said...

But the bubbies wear Piderman, and Litneen MeKeen (that is Colby speak)clothes, hmmm, I am torn on this issue

The McKell Spot said...

I'm so glad you are against wearing stores billboards, I am the same way I will not wear anything with a brandname that shows. I would be the same way with my kids clothes. If you make it down to SLC there is a cool store named kinder winkel or something like that on State St. They have cute stuff.

The Josh's said...

Josh only lets her wear "those" clothes when we don't go out. Nothing says "white trash" more that I love my mom or daddy!

Kat and Steve said...

people im fine w pink "IN" an outfit, but i don't want my baby to be drenched in it. kaleb was not drenched in blue. he had reds and yellows and greens, and oranges. Also whats w the writing on the butt of pants on baby clothes. TACKY.

Tamara Cobb said...

Congratulations!! Just be glad you get to buy something other then boy clothes...3 boys later and I would love to have only pink clothes to choose from...

That is hilarious about the clothes. I thought I was the only one like that. If they happen to get a logo shirt from someone then it is strictly to be worn as pajamas....and nobody's feet should be lighting up when they walk.....

MCAM said...

Hey skank face. I am excited that you are having a girl. It is really hard to find girl clothes that arent pink, especially any red. Unfortunately for me, Mazee looks really cute in pink.