Saturday, September 11, 2010

Too big, or not too big......

so it has come to my attention that certain types of eating disorders are treated VERY differently.
while watching the "biggest loser", " celebrity fit club", "diet tribe", or ANY weight loss show to be honest, i 've noticed the pattern of "horribly honest psychology" (yea, that's the technical term, look it up) used on these "victims," "patients", 'clients", fat- asses.
trainers are always pointing out" why they are fat, how they got fat, what are they going to do about being fat, are you going to let your kids follow in your fat footsteps? .... and my personal favorite is screaming at them and letting them know that bread will in fact kill them, and soda is the equivelant to heroin!
on and on and on.
they make them go home and try to live in their old environment and see if they can continue losing weight, paying them visits, and "surprising" them in the gym.
the super obese on these shows are forced to take off their shirts and bare ALL, and i do mean ALL of there insecurities.
roll by sweaty roll, fat baby arm by fat baby arm, they remove there shirts to reveal literally hundreds of pounds of ..... well, shame.
they are 'broken down" , and , well i guess that make you skinny.

i have noticed shows dealing with anerexia and bulimia are VERY different, very different indeed.
nice little office setting, a therapist, perhaps a group therapy session.
lots of talking, and crying and tissues being handed out.
(on weightloss shows they are all slobbery and blubbering all over there sleeves and sausage arms.)
asking lots of questions in controlled tones letting the skinny freaks think that they are somewhat in control of this particular situation.
heaven forbid we yell at these fragile skeleton children.

i want to see all shows related to eating disorders operate in the same dynamic.
most of these people have been through the exact same traumitizing situations!
and just because one can't buckle a seat belt over his gut and the other has to wear leg warmers all year round, does not mean that one is more fragile then the other!!
obesity AND anorexia both lead to heart attacks
i want bulimics and anorexics dragged into resturaunts and forced to eat by trainers and i want to see them be forced to weigh in with there translucent arms hanging on by a single tendent, why do they get to where so many clothes???!
i want them to have to brush there teeth with cheese whiz and when a "challenge" for game play comes up, i want to see a room full of fast food and a toilet in the corner.
can you resist it like they do on the "biggest loser?" CAN YOU?
they should have to gain as much weight as possible in 4 mths.
on some of these shows they don't gain ANY weight back, that's crazy!
no more therapy session shows.
they should be on a reality game show JUST like everybody else.
why are they so special?